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An unheard voice at the centre of every theatre performance in Cambodia



To expand opportunities to create, perform, witness and participate in theatre that explores personal stories and experiences from Cambodian society.


LKO is a Battambang-based grassroots Cambodian theatre group, dedicated to the inclusive development of Lakhon Niyeay (Cambodian Spoken Theatre). 


We received NGO registration status from the Royal Cambodian Government Ministry of Interior in 2019.

Critical thinking:

Theatre must cultivate emotional intelligence and critical consciousness in its creators, spectators and participants in order to ignite agency.

Ethical collaboration:

We partner with community members, groups and organizations to create impactful theatre for social good. Our commitment to transparency and mutual respect means we never appropriate others’ voices, experiences, contributions or successes.

Professionalism and artistic development:

We never stop learning and improving. We push standards of expectation higher in order to maximise the potential of Cambodian theatre and everyone who engages with it. 

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Lakhon Komnit means "Thinking Theatre" in Khmer. Our inclusive, participatory programs and activities are designed to support Cambodian people to cultivate critical thinking skills.